CGSA nominations and elections

Hello all,

As stated in a previous mass email, Friday was the last day to nominate yourself or others for executive positions within the governing body of the CGSA. Only current chemistry graduate students of the UofM can be nominated.

I, personaly, would like to run for the position of treasurer. Currently, no one else has been nominated as treasurer.

So far, we have 3 teams running for the head positions of the CGSA, with each team consisting of 3 people: 1 president and 2 vice presidents (VP).

Nominee Position Team
Matt McDougall VP 1
Jared Bruce VP 1
Joey Lussier President 1
Ronald Domalaon President 2
Benchmen Trieu VP 2
Mary Hernando VP 2
Pavan Mandapati President 3
Amit Koul VP 3
Soumya Deo VP 3

Voting for contested positions will be held this week, with details on the logistics of this process to follow in an email on Monday.

Yours truly,

Catherine Findlay, neé Liao – President
Robert Bertrand – Vice President
Shaun Ryman – Vice President


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