Chemistry Spirit Scarves

Our custom limited edition chemistry spirit scarves are available for purchase through the chem department office for 20$. Supplied through Jamie at

~Catherine Liao

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Lab Coat Sales

Lab coat sales for the 2014 Winter term run from 9-10, 13-17 January, in the main Foyer of Parker Building. One of the CGSA reps will bring down the coin-box and the lab coats 5-10 minutes before your allotted slot. I see that some of you volunteered already (there is a sign-up on the door of the graduate student lounge), but there are some unfilled sections. If we could get a few more volunteers, we’d be ballin’. The money generated by these sales are returned back to the chemistry graduate students in the form of awesome stuff for the grad lounge, special events (e.g., BBQs), Friday-evening entertainment with visiting speakers, and student travel awards.

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Cleanliness is next to godliness

Please clean up after yourselves when using the chemistry graduate student lounge.

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Funding for Christmas Dinner

Hello all,

I would like to prematurely wish you happy holidays and a very merry Christmas!

The CGSA is pleased to cheerfully announce 100% funding of the cost of 2013 Christmas Dinner tickets for current UofM chemistry graduate students. This is thanks to the hard work of our graduate student volunteers during lab coat sales.

Saturday December 14

108 St. John’s College Cross Common Room

Mixer: 6:00 pm

Dinner: 7:00 pm

Price: $34.00-> PAID! ( for UofM chem grad students only)

Children’s tickets $5.00 / $8.50.

Tickets for the Departmental Christmas Party are now available from:

Olga Sorokin, Keith Travis, Joe O’Neil


Catherine Liao

Submit reciepts to a CGSA executive for now, we will possibly arrange pre/post bulk CGSA payment with Keith Travis, when he gets back on Wednesday.

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Google Drive

We’ve made a private google drive folder for sharing important documents amoung CGSA executives. Yay for logistics!

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Wow! Swanky lounge!

Our grad student lounge is incredible! A big thank you to everyone for keeping it clean.

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In the coming semester there are a few open spots for the Friday talks. If any grad students are interested in giving a talk in the upcoming semester feel free to contact Jared Bruce (jpbruce10 at or Dr. Sorensen (john_sorensen at

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Mmmmm! Coffee!

Our new Tassimo coffee and tea maker is operational in the CGSA lounge. 1$ per use. Please be kind -use it gently. Instruction manual is available to inexperienced users.



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CGSA Graduate Student Lounge

Located on the 5th floor.

Contact Aleta (360 Parker Building) for keys to the lounge.

Aleta’s Hours are:

Mon-Fri, 1:00 pm-4:30 pm.

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UMCGSA and WordPress

We have created a wordpress powered blog to help us  keep you posted on our activities and events.

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